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Credentials Committee

Credentials Committee

Credentials Committee is composed of one delegate elected from Northern Area, Central Area, and Southern Area with one of the Area as Credentials Chairman.  The State Commander appoints the Credentials Chairman to fill the office and the Credentials Chairmanalone with the State Commander appoints other elected delegates. All positions expire terms shall be made annually at each State Convention of the Department level and such appointments shall be for a term of three years. The State Commander is authorized to make such in term appointments as may be required to fill vacancies in unexpired terms. The committee shall report Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. close for lunch and resume business as before. Saturday, report to work at 8:00 a.m.  

What are the credentials? Credentials are letters or certificates giving evidence of the bearer’s identities, evidence of authorities, status, rights or entitlement to privileges usually in written form. 
What are the duties? To receive from the State Department Adjutant a statement of the number of delegated to which the Post is entitled under the Constitution of The American Legion, a statement of voting strength for posts, to verify and recommend approval of the same including adjustment of disputes thereon and to report to the State Convention at its session.

Post delegates in according to the following:

Each post shall designate delegates or alternates for State Convention and shall file with Post Adjutant a list of such delegate at least two weeks prior to the opening of State Convention proper credentials.
Each post delegation shall select from among its delegates a Delegation Chairman and shall designate Delegate Secretary.

The Post Commander and Post Adjutant must fill out the proper form, sign the credentials form and bring the form with you to hand it to the Credentials Committee and the Credentials Chairman must sign the form to be accepted.

Should any post delegate fail to make such selection or designate the Post Commander or Post Adjutant shall deem to the Delegate Chairman and secretary respectively.

Delegate Chairman shall preside over the Post Delegation when convened in the State Convention.  He shall be recognized by the presiding officers and the floor leader of the delegation and hall be responsible under the standing rules of State Convention for polling and announcing the vote of the delegations.  He shall be the principal authority in identifying the official delegates and alternates of the delegation on the question of the right of the floor and shall be responsible for the proper representation of the State Department of Delegates.

Department of Mississippi Credentials Committee:

Chairman, Benita Barnett, 1711 Strickland Street, Corinth, MS 38834
Committee Members:
Carolyn Goldsborought, 50536 Old Highway 6, Amory, MS 38821
Shannon McGivney, P. O. Box 751, Kosciusko, MS 39090
Angel Anderson, 12801 Cambridge Blvd, Ocean Springs, MS 39564



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