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Adjutant's Notes

We are currently at 53 out of 55 Departments.  We didn't make the 50% deadline but we do appreciate everyone's effort.  Our next goal is 55% by October 5. I just sent off 180 member's dues yesterday so we will need 725 members to be at 55%.  I would need your membership to me by 30 September for me to process and mail on 1 October.  
Let your members know that membership is important not only to our posts but also to the state and national organizations.  Each year, the number of our members and programs for veterans and the communities are reported to Congress.  Truly, there is strength in numbers, positively affecting proposed legislation for veterans benefits. Ask them to stand up and show their support for our veterans, as well as the men and women fighting the war on terror, by renewing their membership.  I also asked that you also stress the importance of gaining new members.
Thanks for all you do,
Deborah Fielder, Department of MS Adjutant

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