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Department Conventions;


The legislative body of the Department shall be the Department Convention, to be held annually at a time and place recommended by the Department Convention Commission and approved by the Department Executive Committee.  In the case of extreme emergency or necessity, the Department Executive Committee shall have the power to change the date by a three-fourths vote of those members present and voting.  Under no circumstances will the date be set prior to June 15th of the current year.


In the Department Convention each post shall be entitled to one delegate, and one additional delegate for each twenty-five members or major fraction thereof, whose current dues have been received by the Department thirty days prior to the meeting f the convention,  and to one alternate for each delegate.  The delegates shall be chosen by Post meetings to be held no less than two weeks before the Department Convention.


All Past Department Commanders, while in good standing in their respective posts, shall be members for life of the Department Executive Committee, without a vote, and without remuneration, and shall also be life delegates to all Department Conventions of The American Legion, with a vote to be exercised by them with their respective posts.


Each delegate shall be entitled to one vote.  The vote of any delegate absent and not represented by an alternate shall be cast with the majority of the delegates present from his/her post.  Alternates shall have all the privileges except that of voting, no proxies shall be voted at any Convention.


The Department Convention shall elect a National Executive Committeeman and Alternate upon nomination from the floor, to serve for a period of two years.  In case of a vacancy in the office of National Executive Committeeman, the Alternate shall serve out the remainder of the unexpired term of the National Executive Committeeman.  In case of a vacancy occurring in the office of the Alternate Executive Committeeman, the office shall be filled by appointment of the Department Executive Committee, to serve until the next succeeding Department Convention, at which time the vacancy shall be filled by-election.


A quorum shall exist at a Department Convention when one-third of the delegates to which the posts are entitled to by their returns to the Department Adjutant are represented.  A delegation shall be considered represented if one delegate from that delegation is present at the convention.


All resolutions presented to the Convention resolutions Committee must have the approval of (1) of the respective Post submitting the resolution or by the Post delegation, or (2) of the appropriate Department Commission or Committee submitting such resolution.  Such resolution must be signed by both Commander and Adjutant of the delegation submitting such resolution, or by such Chairman of the Commission or Committee submitting such resolution.


Chairman of Convention Commission, Department of Mississippi:
Lynn Rodgers, 109 Myra Avenue, Calhoun City, MS 38916 





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