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Education and Scholarships Committee

Education and Scholarships Committee

The Department of Mississippi Education and Scholarships Committee:

 Chairman: Robert Endt, 306 Bills Ave, Ocean Springs, MS 39564, Email: 


Committee Members:

Dwight Brown, Hill Street, Calhoun City, MS 38916

Gary Risher, 2600 Old Highway 80, Forest, MS 39074

Raymond Skillestad, 14005 El Camino Real Road, Ocean Springs, MS 39564


Every year, millions of students head off to U.S. colleges, graduate schools and other post-secondary educational institutions such as trade schools. They face a daunting task: figuring out how to pay for that year of school (and the next, and the next), even as more and more employers require some kind of degree to even be considered for a solid job. But these days, the average price tag for a year in college or graduate school runs more than $30,000. Not many families have that kind of cash lying around, particularly if they have more than one college-age child. 


Any individual student may be eligible for dozens, even hundreds, of scholarships if they can just find and apply for them all. But finding that
scholarship match, pulling together the required information, finishing the application and mailing it off to the provider, then doing that process again for another match (and another and another) can be a brain-melting exercise in tedium.


It turns out many other sources of money exist that can help pay for an education, sources that too many students know too little about. In fact, there are more than 3.5 million scholarships available for college and grad students that can help finance much of their schooling. 


The American Legion won’t fix everything that makes going to college such a daunting process. But we hope we can fix one key part of it. Our
goal is to help every student pay their way through college with scholarship aid. 


Below is a listing of scholarships available to American Legion families with instructions for participation.   Each scholarship program has its specific requirements and must be reviewed before applying.




The American Legion Legacy Scholarship: 


Contact Department Advisor Alternate NEC Steve Sweet, 38 West Lakelee, Greenville, MS 38701, (662) 347-1831  Email: 


The American Legion Baseball: 

Baseball Chairman: Jon Mark Herrington, 83 Grandbaba Lane, Hattiesburg, MS 39402, Ph:  (601) 297-9642    Email: 


The American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest: www.legionorg/scholarships/oratorical 


Oratorical Chairman: Joe Kersh, 403 South 19th Avenue, Hattiesburg, MS 39401, Ph: (601) 582-4616  Email:


The American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year Scholarships: 


Boy Scout Chairman: Dr. Charles W Hall, P. O. Box 15171, Hattiesburg. MS 39404


The American Legion Junior Shooting Sports Scholarships: 


Contact Department Chairman: Robert Endt, 306, Bills Ave, Ocean Springs, MS 39564Email: 


The Samsung American Legion Scholarships


Contact Department Chairman: Robert Endt, 306, Bills Ave, Ocean Springs, MS 39564, Email:



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