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Women Legionnaires

From our very beginning, The American Legion has welcomed our sisters-in-arms as members. For us, a veteran is a veteran, and all veterans deserve equal access to benefits they have earned serving America. Join our ranks so that we can continue to fight for the benefits for ALL veterans.

The current global war on terror illustrates a few deficiencies in services provided for women veterans. Never before have women service members been engaged in constant combative environments. Participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom has forced them to expand their military roles to ensure their own survival, as well as the survival of their units. They sustain the same types of injuries that their male counterparts endure. Any future women veterans’ research will need to take into consideration the physical effects of combat on women veterans, not just the mental effects of combat and military sexual trauma.

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Department of Mississippi Committee of Women Legionnaires:

Chairman, Carol Jacobson, 803 Red Fox Road, Pass Christian, MS, 39571

Committee Members:

Bernita Barnett, 1711 Strickland Street, Corinth, MS 38834

Susan Sylvester, P.P. Box 8467, Merdian, MS 39303


Honor Society for Women Legionnaires

Twenty and Four

Who We Are

First and foremost, we are all women veterans who served our country as a member of the US military services during a designated wartime period.  We are also members of The American Legion.

All members of the Twenty and Four have rendered service to The American Legion consisting of active leadership as an elected officer, appointed officer, or chairman of a standing committee or have qualified for membership in the Twenty and Four by outstanding and/or continuous service in the programs of The American Legion.

What We Do

A primary goal of the Twenty and Four is to help disabled and needy women veterans. Assistance provided may include guidance in the filing of disability claims, referrals to community programs, employment, housing, clothing and personal care items, and financial assistance. We also provide assistance and comfort to women veterans in hospitals and nursing homes. We visit and call, providing personal care items as needed and loving friendship.

We also promote the programs of The American Legion, supporting aid to veterans and active duty service members, their families and the community. We do this through fundraising, recruiting and participating in local post and community activities.




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